"My mission is to empower you to rise above adversity, embrace your gifts, and live your life with self-compassion and real joy!"

- Catherine Clark

There are few things I enjoy more than connecting with people, holding space, and witnessing profound transformation.

Cancer Heroes: Lovingly Woven Stories of Healing, Survival, and Profound Transformation

Cancer Heroes are all around us. They are the survivors who offer hope to all they encounter, the nurturers who hold their best friend’s hand during chemotherapy, and the beautiful soulswho leave a legacy of impact that rings just as loud as any remission bell.

Cancer Heroes: Lovingly Woven Stories of Healing, Survival, and Profound Transformation is a collection of love letters written by and for those amid their cancer stories. Walk alongside nine authors as they share brave, intimate accounts of their unique cancer experiences, from the shock of diagnosis and anxiety of cancer treatment to the fear of recurrence and pain of loss.

Within these pages, you will find messages of hope and healing from a community of voices who have experienced the worst cancer has to offer and, in the process, found inner strength they didn’t know they had.

These courageous authors have been drawn together by bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and stage III/IV papillary thyroid cancer survivor Shirin Ariff to put the biggest challenges of their lives into writing.

Read about these ordinary humans living extraordinary lives in the face of squamous cell carcinoma, tall cell variant (TCV) thyroid cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, pancreatic cancer, meningioma, papillary carcinoma, and breast cancer.

Each author takes your hand and walks with you through the wisdom they’ve gained from cancer, the surprising gifts they discovered, and the profound transformation they’ve undergone, which has forever changed the way they live, love, and look at their lives as Cancer Heroes.

Gifts in Dark Packages

Gifts in Dark Packages is a collection of stories about courageously unpacking your darkest moments to uncover your true gifts: insight, self-compassion, and inner peace. I believe there is no better time than now to leave behind barely-surviving, pity-party practices and replace them with thriving, pivot-party, resiliency tools.

There is so much joy on the other side of pain, darkness, and adversity! If you are struggling with a difficult life transition — grief, work-life balance, relationship breakdown, or declining mental health — you will benefit from the “real-life” trauma counsellor strategies you will find in this book.


“If the worst thing I can imagine happened to me – I lost a family member in a plane crash, I lost a limb, any unimaginable event you can think of, whatever – Catherine is the first person who would show up at the scene and help. Catherine is one-of-a-kind, unique, rare, and possessing of a kind of empathy and depth that allows her to show up for others when circumstances are at their worst. You see, Catherine is a survivor. Her many and varied life experiences only serve to deepen the gifts she shares with the world.”

Tracy Shea-Porter

CEO and Co-Founder, Yes Unlimited

“I’ve always believed that Catherine was born a natural storyteller and speaker. Catherine has a gift for bringing life lessons alive by sharing her most vulnerable and authentic stories in a refreshing manner. Catherine has an ability to engage and influence leaders in the corporate setting, which sets her apart from others. I highly recommend this book for those who are looking for inspiration and motivation throughout their own life journey."

Rachel Turner

Director, Global Strategic Initiatives and Integrations, TELUS Intl.

“Catherine is someone who has a lot of valuable tools and techniques to share – acquired through her own personal turmoil as well as professional acumen – that will benefit your life too.”

Tracy MacLeod

Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist MSW, RSW, CTTS

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