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Catherine gives her readers a glimpse into the courageous, authentic lens of someone who has not only worked for many years as a trauma counsellor and mental health educator, but also suffered from severe clinical and post-partum depression herself. A resiliency expert, she has dedicated her life to supporting her clients, family and friends with difficult life transitions, loss and grief; working tirelessly to break down the stigma of mental disorders while teaching others how to create a more psychologically safe workplace.

She is the principal of Catherine Clark Connects, a boutique mental health consulting firm that specializes in helping individuals and organizations proactively address mental health, create a safe space for vulnerable conversations, and build more meaningful, fulfilled lives.

Catherine holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto and certificates in: cognitive behavioural counselling, suicide intervention and crisis intervention. Catherine has worked on the front lines of trauma intervention and facilitated hundreds of corporate workshops on topics such as: Building Resiliency, Managing Change, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Harassment and Mental Health Leadership training.

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